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The New Normal requires a New Strategy, for Claims and Resumption.

POP Forecast COVID Upgrade

Camedics’ feature applied in predicting demand for medical services in the new Covid-19 scenario.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the medical treatment routine was radically affected in 2020. The Health System's focus on containing Pandemic associated with society's priority to protect itself from this threat led to a substantial change in Patients’ behavior. As far as possible, access to Medical Services was avoided for reasons beyond Covid-19, with cancellations and postponement of treatments and procedures.

Naturally, this demand was repressed and tends to impact Health Systems in the medium term with potential overload in some sectors. The challenge for Health Administrators today is to understand this contingency and prepare for it. Artificial Intelligence can help to
overcome this challenge.

The Pop Forecast COVID Upgrade is the prediction functionality of the Camedics Platform now enhanced for the Pandemic scenario. The Artificial Intelligence algorithms applied in the prediction of scenarios incorporated elements to interpret the interruption of hundreds of procedures, calculate the repressed demand and infer updated scenarios of resumption of treatments with effect on the System.

Pop Forecast is a tool to reduce uncertainties. And this updated functionality finds special application in the design of the new Strategy to Mitigate Accidents and to prepare the System for a demand of difficult dimensioning in times of Pandemic. With Pop Forecast Covid Upgrade Managers now have a practical reference to guide the resumption of their operations within this new context with a higher level of confidence.

The next frontier of Health Management has just began.

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